Timothy Baumgartner


Full-stack developer, recreational athlete, and lifelong tinkerer.

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Tech Experience

A very brief overview: The last several years I've primarily worked on a templated eCommerce solution, checkout and payment integrations, online giving, and a social media site.


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I have broad experience with C#, though I'm also interested in opportunities to explore other modern languages such as Go, Rust, and Scala.


React and Typescript logos

I'm a fan of React + Typescript, and I'm interested in opportunities to explore other modern frontend tools such as Svelte, Elm, Ember, and Vue.

OS & Cloud

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I have experience with Windows, Linux, Arduino, GCP, Azure, Docker, and Kubernetes.

I'm an independent problem-solver who takes responsibility to make projects work.

If you're looking to hire an assembly-line worker, I can do that, but I'll inevitably become more than that as I take on more responsibility and ownership.

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Selected Projects

I don't spend as much of my free time as I'd like to on writing software, but I'd like to change that eventually :) Here are some of the things I've worked on instead.